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Emporium's Brand New MCM Tree- in Black!

Another brand-new item for Emporium for Emporium this summer is a tree! Made by Mosser Glass exclusively for Emporium, this tree was originally made by Viking Glass in the early 1970's. Using the original moulds used by Viking, I chose black as the first color for this tree so it would be available for Halloween and Fall Decorating table displays.

The tree is 4.5" tall and 4.75" around at the base. The tree is hand pressed and has a hollow interior. Individually priced at $44.95 or buy a pair for $79.95. Free Shipping on all orders for this tree. To purchase more than two trees, please contact me directly and I will create an invoice for you based on your total purchase.

There is a lot of research and literal searching that goes into finding these marvelous older moulds and moving them into production. There are moulds scattered all over that people purchased or rescued from closed factories. I found the tree moulds completely by accident while I was on the hunt for a different mould.

Once a mould is located, it needs to go for an inspection and cleaning to determine if the mould is still in a usable condition. The next step is to take the time to set up the mould for a short test production run. This usually leaves you with 4 to 6 samples of the piece.

After going through the lehr, there is an inspection and report made detailing any challenges in production and if the mould is usable.

You're still not quite there because a cost analysis must be done to determine if it is economically feasible for the item to be made. Production cost is one of the most important factors in bringing back an old mould to produce. An estimate is also made as to the total number of pieces that can be made in a 4- or 8-hour run.

It sounds like it is so easy, doesn't it? In reality it may take 6 to 9 months from discovery to production and that is being generous. That is part one of the journey and I will stp here and pick up in part 2 of this blog thread. Enjoy!

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