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FOSTORIA The Lucere Pattern Salt Dip

-A long road to today.

Let's get started with something elegant and yet very simple.

Here is an sample of the Lucere Salt Dip by the Fostoria Glass Co. of Moundsville, W. Va. It is a beautiful clear leaded glass. This mould was used from 1907-1915.

This little salt dip which is barely 2 inches tall has been a surprise hit here at Emporium.

This salt dip, commonly referred to as a "Tulip Salt" in today's world has survived a lot over the last 114 years. Scrap and iron drives during the First and Second World Wars, The Great Depression, The growth and eventually decline and closing of all the major old time glass companies in West Virginia and Ohio.

This mould was rescued by Wilkerson Glass founder Fred Wilkerson, himself a former Fostoria Worker who founded his own boutique Art Glass Company in 1975.

Lucere was first offered and marketed as a glass pattern that resembled Colonial glass patterns but with a modern and new look for today. Little did these admen know all those years ago that this Lucere piece would be reinvigorated and made appealing to today's collectors of beautiful glass.

Wilkerson glass made the above example, a lovely clear yellow glass that can perform magic. When the glass is hit with UV light it changes color to pink!

What could be cooler than that? I would say that Fostoria fulfilled their promise of a modern looking glass pattern if it is still being sought after today! I can guarantee you that Emporium will be ordering more of this little charmer for years to come.

As with all of my posts about the history of glass if you have further knowledge- stories to share- a picture of a piece from your own collection- or a correction, PLEASE let me know. I work very hard to present facts not conjecture. Thank you for taking the time to read this and if you enjoyed it, please ask your friends to come on over and join the Bee Army!

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