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Michael Lax Collection update

I have confirmation that the 4 moulds that are at Mosser Glass are set to be sampled this week. Bernie BEE is so excited he is buzzing around the house. The first four pieces that are being sampled are:

  1. A large serving bowl that is 10 inches across at the top. It is a good sized bowl, most likely intended to be a salad bowl.

  2. A medium sized dish 6.5 inches across at the top originally called a "Nut Dish", but today could be used for a multitude of uses. Any type of snack set out for a party. It could also be filled with water and have a floating candle to create a glowing effect.

  3. A small bowl labeled as as a sugar bowl. It was shown two different ways. One was as a covered sugar bowl. The lid was made of walnut. I do not have the production information for this piece and am not sure how I could replicate it, but I am working on that. As an open bowl, it can have many uses. Placed on a dresser, placed alongside the salad bowl with dressing for the salad. I plan on using mine for cranberry relish for the holidays!

  4. A large shallow tray that looks to be 8 to 9 inches wide. I do not have the measurements until it gets made.

  5. Not pictured well are the relish trays, which are shaped like a large pizza slice. I have a hunch that three of these relish trays will fit inside the serving tray. The relish will be made soon but are not part of the original run on this collection.

  6. There is a lovely cupped bowl shape included in this collection but it is a blown mould and Mosser is not currently doing blow mould work. The other blown pieces are the creamer, the oil bottle, an 8 inch vase, and alternate moulds for the Epergne vases, and some of the bowls. This was done so that the bowls could have a rib optic design or other special colors and glass treatments that only be achieved by blowing the piece and not pressing it.

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