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The Candy Box is coming!

I can't wait any longer to bring you up to date. The candy box- my old 4636/4637 mould number pieces has been sampled!!!! I got word that it was sampled in amethyst glass.

I have been waiting for this day for 10 months. It has been hard at times being patient and waiting for this piece to be finished. If you go back a few posts to the rescuing a mould post, you will see photographs of what I started with.

Here it is in all it's amethyst glory. I had some help tracking down the Fenton Ware number for this piece. It was numbered as 4290 by Fenton. They used it in many different color collections, both in the regular line and for QVC. I am so glad that I took the chance and jumped in blindly to buy this mould. There were no pictures of the mould, no description beyond "plain".

I finally have a logo after 20+ years. Every mould that is owned by me with have this simple mark on it. Capital E- Small Capital D- Reverse capital E. It stands for "Exclusive Design Emporium"

I do love this piece in amethyst, but I believe Jade is going to be the first color produced. Let's welcome our newest member to the emporium BEE family.

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