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Hi everyone. I have not been faithful in keeping you all updated and I do apologize. We had some excitement at home and it took a bit to straighten everything out. Now, on with the news.

If you are in the southeast, Emporium will be attending the Alabama Glass show. All information is posted above or you can message me. It is listed on FB, too.

All of the Emporium product will be there. I am bringing the entire new decorated line, Clover with a BEE, only it's second time out on the road. I am working with the Fenton Gift Shop to secure some blanks for decorating. I will not know which pieces and colors until show time, but orders will be taken. There is finally a mouse being added to the line up. Everyone is crazy for mice!

I have been busy making plans for new product and placing orders. There are going to be some brand new items that will premier at the glass show. Look for updates on new releases.

EMPORIUM IS GETTING A CATALOG. I thought that it might be interesting to let people see a little bit of what has been going on behind the scenes here. Bernie BEE and I have worked tirelessly over the last year tracking down mould owners, etc. It has been a lot of work, but I have amassed an inventory of accessible moulds that is impressive in it's size and scope. The EMPORIUM catalog has 123 different moulds listed that I am able to use in glass production. I am working every day to expand the list, it will grow as the company grows. This is a not print catalog. It will posted online for you to see.

The exciting part about the catalog to me will be organizing and displaying everything that has been produced so far. It took me a bit of digging but I do have production numbers for my earliest pieces. I will be able to take you all on a journey from where it started up to today. By doing this online it will be easier to update and add more information as we grow.

I do not want to make this too long and will end here. Look for other updates coming in quickly as I have a lot of catching up to do with you all.

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