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When it rains, it pours! and not just salt

Big doings this week around the beehive. Our little group of worker bees is growing and more people are finding Emporium, Bernie BEE and Me. They are signing up just in the nick of time to find out about some wonderful new product that is going to be heading my way very soon.

Our first big news is that sales really picked up and there are multiple items now that have sold out. We are all in the summer lag for glass making and ordering, but everything will balance out soon. In case you did not know- Mosser Glass has an annual summer shut down in July to give the employees a break and allow for repairs and upgrades to be made. The factory buildings themselves are so hot, that it makes sense to shut down during the hottest period for a short spell.

This creates a back log of work when they return, but it all gets sorted out in the end.

I received notification today that Mosser Glass has made my Sample two piece Candy Dishes! You'll recall in an earlier blog that I wrote which covered the rescue and resuscitation of the moulds that I had purchased, the pictures of the restoration of that mould.

This Two Piece Candy Dish is going to be made in Jade Glass for the first run. I can't wait until the sample piece arrives. I started this project last fall and it has been a long journey to get to this point.

The next part on this journey is deciding what I would like to do with this candy box. I can always offer it plain which some people prefer. I am envisioning an entirely new decoration for the lid.

As soon as the sample arrives I promise that I will be sharing the pictures with you. Stay tuned.

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